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Do I Need Authorization?
Special Use Authorizations

To protect the environment and reduce management costs, it is necessary to restrict vehicles on District lands. If entrance to a tract is restricted by the placement of a gate or cable, the user may request a special use authorization (SUA) to gain additional access. SUAs grant additional vehicle access or permission to use District lands for certain activities and are free and available from the District. A District land manager will gladly assist you in determining if your request is for an approved use.

Activities Requiring SUAs
  • Camping: Primitive camping is available to canoeists and boaters by river access and to organized groups.

    Goose Pasture Campground provides tent and RV camping. SUAs are self-issued from a kiosk at the entrance to the camping area. Two group camp areas are available for reservation by contacting the District's land management specialist at 386.362.1001 or .

    Camping off the Florida Trail on District lands does not require an SUA.
  • Horse-drawn carriages: Carriages and wagons may be taken on the administrative and seasonal roads on District tracts; the only marked trail is at Mattair Spring.
  • Night Use: District lands are open during daylight hours (1 ½ hours before sunrise to 1 ½ hours after sunset). The following activities are allowed on some tracts with an SUA; Night Use - Fishing, Night Use - Frogging, and Night Use - Coon Hunting.
  • ATV Use: There are 38 miles of ATV trails in Mallory Swamp. The trailhead is located at the check station off Crapps Tower Grade. The trail is marked with a 5x5-inch brown sign displaying an ATV icon. The trail is open during non-hunting times from late April to late September.

    All persons operating an ATV are required to possess a daily SUA while riding. The SUA is obtained from the information kiosk at the ATV trail parking area.

    See the conditions of use and safety guidelines (PDF, 14.6KB).

    ATV use is prohibited on other District lands.
  • Geocaching: Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for global positioning satellite (GPS) device users. Hunting for a cache is a good way for participants to take advantage of the wonderful features of natural areas.

    Although geocache websites routinely promote good stewardship, the potential still exists for resource damage, user conflicts, or safety issues caused by inappropriately placed caches and/or links that do not provide adequate information about the area.

    Before placing a cache on District lands, please contact the District's land management specialist with the exact cache location and request an SUA.

Additional Information: For questions regarding the accessibility of specific facilities, lands or for more information about special use authorizations, please contact the District's land management specialist at 386.362.1001, 800.226.1066 (FL only) or .

Prescribed Fire Notices:

Prescribed fire Operations will be conducted on the following tract(s) on 2/24/2018:

1) The Woods Ferry tract in Suwannee County. Prescribed fire activities will be conducted in the north central part of the tract on the eastern side of the main public road.

For the safety of recreational users, public access to burn areas will be closed during burning operations. Contact Scott Gregor, Natural Resource Specialist, at 386.362.8130 for additional information.