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Surplus Lands Program

The purpose is simple, yet comprehensive: to make the most effective use of public resources.

Why Surplus Land?

The District’s land acquisition program is strictly voluntary and landowners are often unwilling to divide the property they offer for sale. As a result, lands acquired sometimes come with portions that have minimal conservation value. Divesting surplus lands by sale or exchange reduces the District’s land management costs and makes funds available for the purchase of lands with higher water resource value. All proceeds from lands sales will be used for this purpose.

What Criteria Are Used?

District lands are evaluated first for their water resource value for floodplain management and the protection of surface waters, wetlands, springs and aquifer recharge. Parcels that do not have high water resource value are then screened to make sure that their disposition will not compromise future management or public use of other District-owned lands.

How Are Land Holdings Declared Surplus?

Once evaluations are complete, staff sends its recommendation to the Governing Board's lands committee to determine which parcels will be forwarded to the Governing Board for consideration. The recommendation may include a provision to retain certain ownership rights of property that is sold to ensure environmental qualities remain preserved. The Governing Board reviews these recommendations and may declare lands surplus in accordance with Florida Statutes.

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