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The Data Directory includes a considerable amount of information that is potentially of value to federal, state, regional, and local governmental agencies, as well as to private businesses and citizens; however, users of this data do so at their own risk. Please read the overview and disclaimer.

Available Downloads
Data SubClass Data Layer Size Zip File
3MB Download
Political Boundary SRWMD Boundary .4MB  Download
Aquatic Oysters-2001-SRWMD 4MB Download
Aquatic Seagrass-2001-SRWMD  3MB Download
Aquatic Seagrass-FWC 14MB Download
Elevation Topography-USGS 1:24000 62MB Download
Geology Potentiometric Surfaces-Floridan Aquifer-2002 .7MB Download
Geology Potentiometric Surfaces-Floridan Aquifer-2005 1MB Download
Geology Recharge to the Floridan Aquifer 2MB Download
Hydrography Hydrography-Springs and Seeps-SRWMD 136MB Download
Hydrography Hydrography-USGS 1:24000 123MB Download
Hydrography Hydrologic Surface Water Basins 2.5MB Download
Land Use/Land Cover Land Use/Land Cover-1988-SRWMD 129MB Download
Land Use/Land Cover Land Use/Land Cover-1995-SRWMD 269MB Download
Land Use/Land Cover Land Use/Land Cover-2004-SRWMD 130MB Download
Land Use/Land Cover Land Use/Land Cover-2010-SRWMD 148.4MB Download
Wetlands Wetland Composite-NWI/Landcover/DLG Wetlands 89MB Download
Flood Bradford County FEMA DFIRM Database 87.7MB Download
Flood Columbia County FEMA DFIRM Database 17MB Download
Flood Dixie County FEMA DFIRM Database 16MB Download
Flood Gilchrist County FEMA DFIRM Database 10MB Download
Flood Hamilton County FEMA DFIRM Database 13.7MB Download
Flood Jefferson County FEMA DFIRM Database 104.8MB Download
Flood Lafayette County FEMA DFIRM Database 8.4MB Download
Flood Levy County FEMA DFIRM Database 40.3MB Download
Flood Madison County FEMA DFIRM Database 23.4MB Download
Flood Suwannee County FEMA DFIRM Database 16.4MB Download
Flood Taylor County FEMA DFIRM Database 29MB Download
Flood Union County FEMA DFIRM Database 8MB Download
Permitting Water Resource Caution Area 46KB Download

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