Upper and Middle Suwannee MFLs Peer Review

The Suwannee River Water Management District is currently conducting a peer review for the Upper and Middle Suwannee River minimum flows and levels (MFLs).

The process will involve expert review of the technical work presented in the MFL reports for the Upper and Middle Suwannee River segments – the 79-mile Upper Suwannee River segment that extends from the Florida-Georgia line to near the confluence with the Withlacoochee River near Ellaville, and the 92-mile Middle Suwannee River segment from Ellaville to Wilcox, near Fanning Springs. 

MFLs are a means to ensure water is available for the present and future, as well as prevent significant harm to the area’s natural resources.

The District performs the technical work for developing MFLs to evaluate changes in spring and river flows or lake levels; and impacts those changes have on floodplain wetlands, fish and invertebrate habitat, aquatic vegetation communities, recreation, and more.

If MFLs, such as those proposed for the Upper and Middle Suwannee River, are not met, then the origin of impacts to flows or levels are assessed, creating opportunities to engage with stakeholders to identify strategies for restoration and long-term protection. 

Meeting Schedule

Peer Review WebBoard

In addition to virtual meetings, the peer reviewers will participate in a series of WebBoard meetings. This allows public access and viewing of communications among the members of the body whose meeting is being noticed.  During these meetings, the members may post and review written comments, questions, documents, edits to documents, and other matters. While the WebBoard contents are available at all times, new content for review and discussion will only be allowed at the noticed times below. 

The WebBoard can be accessed here

Technical Documents for Upper Suwannee River MFL Peer Review

Upper Suwannee River MFL Draft Report for Peer Review


Technical Documents for Middle Suwannee River MFL Peer Review

Middle Suwannee River MFL Draft Report for Peer Review

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