Agricultural Cost Share Program

The District’s agricultural team is available to help agricultural operations needing assistance with cost-share for advanced best management practices, water use (WUPs) and environmental resource (ERPs) permits, compliance issues and other programs. Our goal is to help ensure that growers can meet regulatory goals and help the farm conserve and protect water while being a successful farming operation. The District is committed to the protection of our water resources while maintaining a strong economy in North Florida. We believe there are solutions that can achieve both.

Agricultural Cost-Share Programs

Irrigation Water Conservation Cost-Share (PDF)

Funding is available to producers interested in irrigation systems upgrades associated with water conservation, advanced irrigation scheduling, and irrigation efficiency improvements.

Precision Agricultural Cost-Share (PDF)

Cost-share is available to producers interested in implementing precision agricultural practices on their farms to reduce nutrient inputs and sustain yields.

Sustainable Suwannee Program (PDF)

Funding is available to any producer interested in implementing a sod-based rotation or silviculture on their farm in place of high intensity crops.

Dairy Wastewater System Improvement Cost-Share

Cost-share is available to any dairies interested in projects to conserve water and/or nutrients through upgrades to their wastewater systems. If you are interested in a wastewater improvement project, please contact us at  

Along with our defined cost-share programs the District is always looking for new ideas and projects to help conserve water and/or reduce nutrient loading to our aquifer.

If you have a project that achieves these goals or have any questions about our existing programs, please contact us at 386.362.1001 or

The District’s cost-share programs are subject to funding availability.