Land Stewardship

Land Stewardship

Acquiring land for water management purposes is just the beginning of the District’s commitment to resource protection. Caring for the public investment is an ongoing responsibility.

2018 Land Management Plan

Excellence in Land Management

The Excellence in Land Management (ELM) Program encompasses a wide range of responsibilities—water management and nonstructural flood protection, public access and use, habitat management, and hydrologic restoration.

The ELM program objectives fall into four categories:

  • Protect, enhance and/or restore natural and cultural resources
  • Provide opportunities for high quality, compatible recreation
  • Coordinate with public and private stakeholders
  • Manage District lands in an efficient manner

Land Management Strategies

  • Develop, update, and implement land management plans for all properties.
  • Provide opportunities for public input and review of management plans.
  • Guide public use of District lands to the most suitable areas and provide appropriate public use facilities to reduce impacts to land and water resources.
  • Restore natural hydrology and native vegetation.
  • Use prescribed fire to restore and enhance habitat and natural communities.
  • Promote sustainable forestry in appropriate areas to provide alternate sources of revenue for land management.
  • Engage in cooperative land management programs where feasible to maximize public benefit.

Annual Land Management Reports